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A place of unique nature and spirituality

Arcadia Region

A place of abundant nature and spirituality

Mythology holds that Arcadia was home to the God Pan, the god of the wild, fields, groves and wooded valleys. In this virgin land rich in forests, nymphs and spirits, the natural and the supernatural coexisted harmoniously. It was precisely this rustic and utopian atmosphere that was described in the writings of the Roman poet Virgil, who later inspired Renaissance painters to depict Arcadia’s many beauties.Imaginative and pure, Arcadia was once believed to be lying somewhere between heaven and earth, almost as if by divine intervention. Today, it is still considered a blessed land, untouched by time, that is filled with verdant mountains, impressive forests, crystalline springs and flowing rivers the perfect setting to calm one’s mind and awaken one’s soul. Whether you are looking for tranquility and spirituality or for breathtaking nature and historical landmarks, there is only one place that combines them all: Arcadia.